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Disposable Table Cloth

Disposable Table Cloth

There are situations when it is impractical to buy a luxurious and expensive table cloth. For example, picnics, outdoor barbecues, children’s outdoor parties, etc. In this case, a disposable table cloth will be a good way out when planning. They will give tables a cleaner look while saving on expensive fabric.

A beautiful table cloth made of expensive textiles with openwork embroidery, lace, bright patterns or original prints is not always useful. It can completely transform the space around it to create a feeling of comfort and hospitality. That is why a good table cloth is an indispensable attribute of modern kitchen interiors, dining rooms, catering establishments and other places.

Disposable Table Cloth Difference from Others

The main difference between Disposable Table Cloth models and traditional analogues lies in the material from which they are made. In order for the surface of such products to cope with the functions assigned to them, they must absorb moisture well, be easy to clean, be light and be aesthetic in appearance. If liquid is spilled on the table cloth or oily food particles fall on the table cloth during a holiday or picnic, the artificial material easily absorbs the stains and makes them invisible to the eye. After the event has ended, the item can be simply thrown away.

Disposable Table Cloth Types

If the table cloth was purchased for frequent use, you should also consider the environment. The colors of furniture, walls, household appliances should be in harmony with the table cloth. With the table cloths that adapt to every environment, you will be able to attract attention in the interior and you will feel modern. Disposable table cloth is made of polypropylene fiber. It is designed for table layout. The table cloth can be used in dining venues, offices and at home. Depending on the type of material from which the table cloth is made:

  • Paper models. They are most often produced in rolls and can have different widths, lengths, colors and textures. For their manufacture, multi-layer paper is used, which has high absorbency, environmental friendliness and ease of disposal. In appearance, these models are similar to linen, but several times cheaper.
  • Polyethylene table cloth. This variety has greater strength and wear resistance. It is also easily washed with a normal damp cloth or sponge. According to its texture and appearance, the product is almost indistinguishable from its traditional counterpart.
  • Spunbond variety. This non-woven fabric is the most durable, stain and wrinkle resistant, lightweight and available in many color options.

Disposable Table Cloth Advantages

A beautifully decorated table covered with a beautifully patterned and lacy table cloth – something like this is the definition of an ideal holiday. However, after frequent repeated use and repeated washing, the appearance of the cloth is far from ideal. In this case, the best choice would be a disposable cloth.

Benefits of disposable table cloth:

  • maintenance-free : Even if you spill wine, sweet tea or cherry juice on the cloth, you do not need to wash it, just throw it in the trash,
  • a wide selection : You can find disposable cloths of different colors and sizes, colored or plain, with drawings and prints

low price : The cost of a disposable table cloth is several times lower than a similarly sized fabric option.


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